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  • A salary survey specific to key jobs in the AI industry, with more than 20 benchmark jobs; the job content was developed in collaboration with AI companies across Canada.
  • We are taking an agile approach and we will add new compensation modules and topics over time.
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Revealing of the results

Get access to the results upon receipt of your data. This report will be sent free of charge to 2021-2022 participants.

Data will be gathered several times throughout the year to keep up to date on market trends.

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  • Filling out the survey is quick and easy
  • Compensation data is updated frequently
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The AI industry in Canada is growing and evolving quickly. Aware of this reality, Normandin Beaudry has developed this new complimentary survey (no fee): Your reference for cash compensation data and trends. 

The survey will help you make informed decisions to attract top candidates and retain key talent.


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